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Esme & the Adventures of WordGirl


“ Esme knows she can accomplish anything she wants. ”

WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face save the day again – they stop villains in their tracks by correcting their grammar. It boosts the vocabulary of kids like Esme.

But for Esme, the adventures in her favorite television show WordGirl also give her something to anticipate every day during her hospital stays. She wishes to meet the creators of WordGirl, and her wish gives her motivation to stay strong as she fights leukemia.

When the day finally arrives and Esme meets the WordGirl character and the artists, she is empowered. She creates her own WordGirl episode as everyone gathers to see her ideas. Esme knows she can accomplish anything she wants. Nothing can hold her back – not even leukemia.

Her wish … it teaches her another word - the true meaning of hope.  And to believe in a better tomorrow and to desire a greater outcome.

Esme and her family experience the unexpected good that came from her illness. And the creators of WordGirl see first-hand how their work changes lives.

As WordGirl says, “Word Up.”

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